Start/Stop PostgreSQL under Windows

There is a simple way to start/stop postgresql without any need to open the services dialogue:

Just replace the version in the statements (you only need major and minor). Just skip the -x64 if you still have a 32bit version.

PostgreSQL 9.3 Debian

To install PostgreSQL 9.3 I used the following steps as root:


JBoss JDBC Module Creator

Every time I download a new jboss I have to add the needed jdbc module manually. And every time I have to look how the module.xml has to look like. So I decided to write a simple script that creates a module for PostgreSQL. with some configuration, it should be capable of creating every jdbc module you want. Just see the options it supports.

You can see my project at github:

Here some instructions how to run it with default options:

[codesyntax lang=”bash”]


WordPress problem with PostgreSQL

I found strange errors like the following in my apache_error.log

I found out that this comes from line 1178 in wp-includes/link-template.php. Just change the at after the SELECT to p.ID and save the file (SELECT p.ID …). That’s the trick.

PostgreSQL 9.2 released

see for further information about the new features.

To install it in ubuntu you could use Martin Pitt’s ppa under

WARNING: This won’t upgrade your 9.1 if you’ve already installed that. Of course you could get rid of your database with apt-get remove. But you’ll have to migrate your data manually!

NOTICE: To avoid autostart of postgre just make

PostgreSQL Table Partitioning

I was just messing around with postgresql and table partitions and tablespaces. Here is a short SQL script that uses a virtual table that is partitioned by the modulus of the id column. Each partition lies on a different tablespace and in the schema partition.

JBoss Postgresql Module

Just download the latest jdbc4 driver and place it into JBOSS_HOME/modules/org/postgresql/main. Then create a file module.xml in the same folder with the following content (replace filename if necessary):