PostgreSQL 9.3 Debian

To install PostgreSQL 9.3 I used the following steps as root:


Problem with sudo after upgrade to wheezy

after an upgrade from squeeze to wheezy I had a strange error when using sudo:

First I tried to fix the /etc/profile to stop it using strange …game folder in my PATH. But the solution was to add the following line just after “Defaults env_reset” in /etc/sudoers:


Install Tomcat under Debian

  1. Download Tomcat.
  2. Create /etc/init.d/tomcat as listed below and change properties in it as needed.
  3. Execute the following commands as root.



Oracle JDK under Debian

OpenJDK sometimes makes problems, so I still prefer the Oracle version. Here is how to install it manually under debian/ubuntu:

  1. Download binary installer from Oracle’s download page and save it to /opt.
  2. Execute the following commands

Debian Bash Completion

If you got used to bash completion under ubuntu and want this feature under debian too, you first have to install the package bash-completion with your favourite package manager.

Then add the following to your /etc/profile to enable the feature for all users:

Your have to relogin after adding this to enable the feature.

Remove MySQL from Ubuntu startup

If you want to remove mysql from your system startup rcconf or sysv-rc-conf can’t disable it because of the SysV init approach. Here is how to do it:

Comment out the whole start on entry. This should look like the following:

#start on (net-device-up
#          and local-filesystems
#         and runlevel [2345])