iCUE shutdown/reboot bug on Windows 10 – The memory could not be read

With Corsair’s iCUE (latest version) on my Windows 10 (all updates installed) I got an error dialogue on every shutdown/reboot from iCUE. It was something like the following:

The instruction at 0x000000005FC4030B reference memory at 0x000000003ED0860. The memory could not be read.

Taken from the Corsair forum this especially effects systems with ASUS soundcards. I have an ASUS Essence STX II and a Corsoir keyboard which requires iCUE for LED config.

I didn’t want to try switching soundcard drivers to get rid of a keyboard led software problem so I went with the solution to run C:\Windows\SysWOW64\HsMgr.exe as admin. Here the steps I followed (taken from the forum – thx to the guys investigating this already and posting a solution):

Go to ... C:\Windows\SysWOW64, here you'll find a HsMgr.exe file.
HsMgr.exe is a driver component for Asus, Auzentech, Creative and other sound cards. If you run it as Admin, the error will disappear.
Do this by right clicking it > Properties > Compatibility > Change settings for all users > Run this program as an administrator.

Now just restart your system. The error won't be there anymore the next time you reboot or shut it down.

I didn’t investigate if this compromises system security but I can confirm that the error is gone.