OBS Bitrates

Every time I am configuring OBS I am thinking about the proper bitrate to set. I found some nice ranges that can be used: For 1080p (1920×1080) resolution: For 4K (3840×2160) resolution:

Free Sound Processing Plugins

Some links I gathered with free but very powerful sound plugins: TAL Noisemaker TAL Vocoder TDR Nova TDR Kotelnikov TDR VOS SliqEQ Wider Panagement MT Power DrumKit 2 4FrontPiano Atmos 2 Vintage Snare Roll Skerratt London Piano Iowa Piano Upright Piano Drum Machine Clap Machine …

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Optimize JPEGs for web

While creating my new homepage on I was looking for a command line tool to optimise images. Best tool for the job seemed to be imagemagic in combination with mozjpeg. Here the command I used which brought the images down very very much: The quality may change but I couldn’t see the difference without …

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Professional audio stack for video editing/streaming

I just managed to get the audio stack of my windows 10 more professional with equalizer and VST plugins: First I installed virtual audio cable and voicemeeter potato: With those I am able to split up all my audio sources and manage volumes per channel or add equalizers. With OBS you can install …

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Teamspeak server

If you want to host your own teamspeak server this can be done quite easily with a server and docker-compose. Here is the example I tried: You will need a dns entry or the ip of the server to connect with your teamspeak client. With the client you can then add a password to protect …

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