MS Teams and external audio interfaces

After quite some weeks where I had to use my old Logitech headset again instead of my fancy Audient audio interface plus the Shure mic I finally tried to find the reason why my mic isn’t recognised in teams. The interface is listed normally in the dropdown and all other apps also work absolutely perfect – but teams. The funny thing is that I already was using teams with an external mic before with the same interface and it worked perfectly. After a lot of research I found out by trial and error that MS Teams only recognises channel 1 of the interface and ignores all others. So whatever mic you want to use in this app you have to plugin to channel 1. So switching the Shure mic from channel 2 to channel 1 did the trick. Finally I am back to my pro gear instead the old headset.

Some sidenote to the Audient guys and all those who are thinking to buy one of their interfaces. Yes, the pre-amps are really great but it’s really very annoying that the audio level resets every single time the interfaces is reconnected. I’m always disconnecting my whole workplace from power at the end of the day which means the audio level for my headphones is reset to 0 every day and it happened quite some times that I was wondering why I can’t hear somebody in a call until I remembered about that setting I have to do every time. So from that perspective and in combo with a dbx s286s the Focusrite 2i2 is much more user friendly – I am not using the pre-amps nor the id software from Audient anyway.