Local OpenFaaS environment with minikube and docker driver

Following the documentation using arkade was (as stated in the docs) the fastest and easiest way to get a working local installation running. There are numerous outdated tutorials about how to run OpenFaaS locally but none of really worked in my envrionment. I am using a MacBook M1 Max with docker driver. I have docker 20.10.17, faas-cli 0.14.11 and minikube 1.27.1 installed via brew. I followed https://docs.openfaas.com/deployment/kubernetes/#1-deploy-the-chart-with-arkade-fastest-option, installed arkade 0.8.48 via brew and run arkade install openfaas. After a short moment all services were up and running and with port 8080 forwarded to localhost I was able to connect to openfaas.

Here a summary of commands if you have everything installed and want to bring up minikube with openfaas:

minikube start
arkade install openfaas

# wait until the following command shows all services as ready:
kubectl -n openfaas get deployments -l "release=openfaas, app=openfaas"

kubectl rollout status -n openfaas deploy/gateway
kubectl port-forward -n openfaas svc/gateway 8080:8080 &

PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret -n openfaas basic-auth -o jsonpath="{.data.basic-auth-password}" | base64 --decode; echo)
echo -n $PASSWORD | faas-cli login --username admin --password-stdin

# check if the service answers:
faas-cli list

# print password

After this you can open http://localhost:8080 with admin user and above printed password.