Intellij stuck with indexing

My intellij 2023.2 continued to repeatedly index something and it was obvious that it was the same again and again. The typical suggestions to invalidate caches plus restart didn’t work. Then I found the suggestion to edit the custom properties file via Help > Edit Custom Properties and add the following:


Taken from this does the following:

The maximum size for files where AppCode enables coding assistance and design-time code inspection, is controlled by the idea.max.intellisense.filesize property. The default value is 2500 kilobytes.

After setting this to 50 the indexing issue was gone. Setting it back to 2500 or even higher made the issue also reappear. Having that indexing starting over and over again was really annoying and also making code completion suck because displayed suggestions disappeared faster than I was able to select them.

Going to revisit this and give an update as soo as I have a better solution or the issue was fixed.