JBoss EAP – Open Source?

JBoss EAP6 is the enterprise application platform of the JBoss application server. Till 7.1.1 there was a open source build available. But after that JBoss changed the distribution of binary builds. They do NOT deliver any freely available binary builds except you agree that you are only using them for development. If you want to go into production with your application you would have to buy an EAP subscription.As I do NOT agree with this and I do NOT want any support as I’m working on small private projects I send productive from time to time, I started a small build script that is trying to build an actual JBoss from source. The JBoss AS source code is afaik still open source and afaik JBoss only restricts the usage of their binaries.

See https://github.com/mbogner/eap-build for the build script and read the README for instructions and notices.

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