Eclipse Luna Performance

To speedup eclipse I first edited the eclipse.ini file to look like this (don’t just copy paste my file – compare it with yours):


I removed lines setting MaxPermSize as this is deprecated in Java 8. What I added:

  • Using vm argument to have eclipse running as “eclipse” and not “java”. I think this also brings a performance boost.
  • Changed requiredJavaVersion to 1.7 as 1.6 is dead.
  • Added more memory to Xms and Xmx.
  • Added Xss to configure stack memory.
  • Added verify:none to disable java class verification. Here some explanation I found what this does (till today I had no problems with this):
    Disables Java class verification. This can provide a 10-15%
    improvement in startup time at the expense of being unable to
    detect corrupt or invalid class data. If corrupt class data is
    loaded the JVM may behave unpredictably or crash.
  • Configured the author name to override logged in username.

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