Disable Guest Session in Ubuntu 15.10

Ubuntu 15.10 is using lightdm desktop manager. man lightdm says that it is using /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf for configuration. Ubuntu 15.10 does not include such a file. To disable the guest session create the file (/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf) with following content:


Install Docker in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise

First make sure you have the latest version and an actual kernel running. Execute theses commands as root:

Then install docker with the following lines as root:

After this docker should be up and running. Rry using “docker ps” as root or with sudo.

Disable guest account in ubuntu 14.10

To disable the guest account simply change the file /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-guest-wrapper.conf and add the last line:

Don’t forget that you have to restart lightdm before changes take effect.

Install KVM on Ubuntu 14.04

First install needed packages:

And configure a network bridge in /etc/network/interfaces. Here is my complete file:

Ubuntu Realtek ALC1150

I got a new mainboard with Realtek ALC1150 onboard sound. First I was thinking it doesn’t work, but it only was very silent. Here is how to fix this:


Ubuntu java installation/automatic updates

To install java and have it updated automatically just use the WebUpd8 PPA.

After that you have java 8 installed and it is updated regularly.

KDE – the better desktop

After every installation of Ubuntu I try to get the GNOME 2 behavior back. This is very annoying and costs lot of time and research. Last months I tried xubuntu and xfce4. Both are very annoying and no real solutions for a productive desktop solution.

I haven’t used KDE for years because I always preferred GNOME. But yesterday I gave it a try and installed it by using the command:

As you see I also replaced the broken lightdm desktop manager which really looked ugly in my multiscreen setup. After a reboot kdm started like a charm. I chose KDE Plasma session and logged in. After a few minutes of configuration everything looked really usable and worked out of the box. At least I can work with a default setup without hours of customizing. KDE you got a new fan!

Here my command to remove the old xfce and xubuntu stuff:

Of course I’m NOT responsible if you break your installation by using the commands I posted here. I can only say “worked for me” 😉