SSH config

If you are using special ports or different usernames on different ssh-hosts you can simplify your connect commands with a .ssh/config file like the one in the following example. Host test1 HostName Port 12345 User myname Host test2 HostName fubuntu User horaz Host * User root ssh test1 equals ssh myname@ -p 12345. The …

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Ubuntu 11.10 Gnome 2 Style

to everybody who doesn’t like unity under ubuntu 11.10. You can install gnome-shell by sudo apt-get install gnome-shell After this you get the option gnome-classic at your login screen. Then rearange the desktop items and move window buttons to the right and you have a gnome 2ish look and feel.

Gnome 3 Panels

Ubuntu 11.10 comes with two panels. One on bottom and one on top with the time widget in the middle. If you want to add new widgets or move something on the panels try pressing ALT while right-clicking something on the panel.

Gnome 3 Button Layout

in Ubuntu 11.10 all window buttons are aligned left and there seems no way to change this with a GUI tool. You can move the window buttons back to the right with the following command: gconftool-2 –set /apps/metacity/general/button_layout –type string “menu:minimize,maximize,close” After this your buttons are on the right side again. I didn’t have to …

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